Simple .Onion Networked Websites

Ablative.Hosting offers two types of webhosting;

Our webhosting leverages Onion Service networking via Tor improves privacy for you and your visitors, helps to reduce surveillance, ad tracking and is end-to-end encrypted without the need for centralised Certificate Authories.

All options are available as a freemium model, that is the basic functionality is available for free but we offer enhancements such as increased disk space, a dedicated .onion address etc for an additional fee.

Whether you choose to use traditional web-hosting or our managed offering all services come with the following for free;

Web Hosting

Our Web Hosting package allows you to upload your own HTML files, images, CSS etc which allows you to host whatever sort of website you want to build.

Web Hosting has the following paid addons available;

Micro Websites

Micro Websites is the easiest way to get your content published, once activated you can click a button to create a new page or blog post, enter the title, date & then write your content.

Save as you go, publish when you are ready.

Micro websites supports the following paid addons;